The Branded Blood Pressure Monitor Online For Routine Checkup

Hand held Medical equipments are the best way to keep watch on your health. There are many people across the world who daily visit doctors for a checkup. It is very hard to go every day for routine checkup, what if you have own equipments at home. Emech Medical presents medical instruments and disability vehicle for you. We make your life easy and convenient. We are a New Zealand based company established in 1996. Apart from various medical supplies, we also provide hospital beds, hoists and specialty chairs primarily into Rest Homes. There are many agencies are the part of our business like MOCOM Benchtop Autoclaves, BTL Diagnostic Equipment and the Pelstar Scales range.

We provide equipments to Individual customers and wholesale suppliers also. Our main Medical Equipment s are Alarm Mats, Benchtop Autoclaves, Pulse Oximeters, Scales, Skin Imaging � Molemax, Spirometry, Suction Pumps, TENS Machines, Thermometers, Treatment Tables, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Washer Disinfectors, Patient Scales, Penlights, Warming / Drying Cabinets, Treatment Chairs, Biopsy Image Scanner, Bladder Scanners, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Cauteries, Cryosurgery, Defibrillators, Dermatoscopy, Diagnostic Lighting, Diathermy / Cauteries, Ear Irrigation / Suction, ECG Machines, Electric Beds, Loupes & Headlights, Microscope, Ophthalmic Burrs, Oxygen Concentrators, Treatment Tables, Wheelchairs, Hire & lease options etc.

Blood Pressure Monitor is a very important medical instrument who is suffering from Low or High Blood pressures. It is very chaotic to visit doctors every day for blood pressure. Isn’t it better to have an own Blood Pressure Monitor. It can save your lots of time. First of all let you know what blood pressure is and how it can be measured? Human Heart rotates blood in the whole body. In the first step it pumps blood in the blood vessels and this pressure is known as systolic. In the second phase blood vessels relaxes and again heart starts refilling, this blood pressure occurs which is known as diastolic. The measurement in mmHg provides information. WHO (World Health Organization) has given the following guidelines in evaluating Blood Pressure:

�Normal Blood Pressure: Systolic up to 140mmHg and Diastolic up to 90mmHg
�Elevated Blood Pressure : Systolic 140 – 160mmHg and Diastolic 90 – 95mmHg
�Critical Blood Pressure : Systolic over 160mmHg and Diastolic over 95mmHg

Generally doctors and nurse use sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope to measure a blood pressure. We also provide aneroid & mercury sphygmomanometers & dual headed stethoscopes. You can measure your blood pressure (BP) once in 24 hours. Our Various BP monitors are aneroid & mercury sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, Digital & Ambulatory BP Monitor and Patient Monitor. First of all Aneroid & Mercury Sphygmomanometers are Nurses Ri-San, Professional Precisa, Shockproof, Big Ben Desk / Wall / Rolling Stand, Mercury Sphygmomanometer etc. Various types of Stethoscopes are Cardiophone Stethoscope, Duplex DeLuxe Stethoscope, Duplex Stethoscope etc. You can also buy Digital & Ambulatory BP Monitors like Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and BTL08 Ambulatory Monitor. Edan M3 Patient Monitor is also very important for BP monitor. The Edan M3 Patient Monitor is a cost effective Vital Signs Monitor that allows you to quickly and easily both spot & continuously monitor your patient’s vital signs. Featuring a rechargeable lithium battery, a compact portable design, large easy to read LCD display and adjustable alarm parameters.

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