High Capacity Digital Scale For Your Home

Medical instruments/supplies are very important part of hospital and health care center. If you are a Doctor or associated with any health organization then you must need many products which are part of daily measurements. Emech Medical is a leading supplier of all medical instruments. We are the official supplier of many products like Ultrasonic Cleaners, Scales, Cryosurgery, Electro surgery & Cauteries, Diagnostic Lighting, Blood Pressure Monitors, ENT & Diagnostic, Thermometers, ECG & Accessories, Dermatoscopes etc.

Buy the best weighing scales for accurate weight. Generally primary health care provider keeps this scale for health monitoring purpose. We sell scales manufactured by Detecto & Pellstar. Dial scale is the traditional machine and comes with features like: 180kg capacity, large easy read raised dial face, large footprint and 12 month warranty. You can also buy Beam scales which have a capacity of 200 Kg and it is widely used in gymnasiums. Other features are Easy move balance beam, Easy calibration and 12 month warranty. Digital Scales used by nurse is also very popular. Its weight capacity is up to 272 and it is very high in this segment. It can also calculate your BMI and operated on battery. Its Display can be desk or wall mounted with Optional mains power adaptor. You can also Transfer data to PC also.

Blood Pressure is very important factor for your body. There are two types of BP (Blood Pressure), first one is systolic and another one is diastolic. When the heart muscle contracts and forces blood into the blood vessels this pressure is known as systolic. When the heart muscle is relaxed and the heart is refilling with blood this pressure is known as diastolic. It is best to measure your BP once in every 24 hours. Doctors use sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope to measure a BP. Some standard BP approved by WHO (World Health Organization): Normal Blood Pressure: Systolic up to 140mmHg and Diastolic up to 90mmHg, Elevated Blood Pressure: Systolic 140 – 160mmHg and Diastolic 90 – 95mmHg and Critical Blood Pressure: Systolic over 160mmHg and Diastolic over 95mmHg. It is best to measure your BP with Blood Pressure Monitor offered by Emech Medical. We provide branded Aneroid & Mercury Sphygmomanometers. They are German made and come with 2 year warrantee. They give you accurate and reliable results. They are also very easy to operate.

Some popular BP monitors are Nurses Ri-San, Professional Precisa and Mercury Sphygmomanometer. Nurses Ri-San’s important features are Single tube connection, Right or left hand operation, 64mm dial scale, Precision air release valve, Maximum tolerance +/- 3mmHg, Latex free, Supplied in a zipper case etc. Mercury Sphygmomanometer is also very popular in Hospitals and home purposes. Its main features are Single tube connection, Mercury lock with contamination seal, 99.99 % pure mercury, Precision air release valve, Maximum tolerance +/- 3mmHg, Latex free etc. You can also buy our Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor like Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and BTL08 Ambulatory Monitor. Digital BP monitor has many features like Easy one touch battery operation, No stethoscope necessary, Measurement of Systolic/Diastolic pressures & pulse, fully automated results, Latex-free etc.

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