Are There Asthma Attack Home Remedies – Or Just Hot Air?

If you have asthma and you start looking for information on the Internet, you’ll soon find several websites offering “100% sure” asthma attack home remedies. And it is very probable that you’ll feel tempted to buy one of them. No one likes being forced to take corticosteroids on a daily basis and an alternative, sometimes any alternative is always welcome. If effective asthma attack home remedies were really available at your drug store, of course you would buy them.

Do you see a logical problem there? Home remedies are by definition not bought, so avoid buying “asthma attack home remedies”. If you’re going to take some pills, make sure that you really know what’s inside them.

But the fact that some people try to sell asthma attack home remedies doesn’t mean that there are no remedies beside advanced chemistry. There are some that can not only prevent, but also stop an asthma attack. Such home remedies can be easily used as a support for a standard treatment, especially in case of mild asthma, but they should never replace standard medications.

Below there are a few asthma and asthma attack home remedies. Some of them work wekk, some of them are just “supposed” to work, but fortunately all of them are completely safe. Generally, all of them are different methods of warming your airways. This often prevents or helps during an asthma attack.

Hot bathroom

During an asthma attack, some people run into their bathroom, close the door and try to create as much warm steam as possible. Alternatively, they have a very hot bath or try some similar home remedy. The increased air temperature eases the attack and makes breathing much easier, though if you don’t suffer from asthma, we might think just the opposite.

Of course if your asthma is severe, it is recommended to use your inhaler or nebulizer instead of any asthma attack home remedies.

Hot water or coffee

Another common acne home remedy is drinking hot coffee, tea or plain hot water. On their way down, these drinks warm the airways and can ease the attack. The mechanism of these asthma attack home remedies is similar to the hot bathroom ones, but they are much easier to apply. The only problem is that during an acute attack this might be not enough.

Yes, asthma attack home remedies may seem simple, but often they are very effective.

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