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In the world of medical supplies and equipment many names stand out, like Prestige and Littmann, but there is another less well known company call RPX Medical Products. At RPX, you will find equal quality medical supplies, instruments, and accessories for a fraction of the price. This Houston based company prides itself on the state of the art products designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically for their company, so to provide the very best at an unbeatable price.

RPX carries a wide range of instruments and accessories, almost anything medical professional might need to do an outstanding job. You can get the latest in stethoscopes, reflex hammers, thermometers, sphygmomanometers and blood pressure monitors, otoscopes, scales, scissors, and various accessories.

Almost all medical professionals need a stethoscope at one time or another. For some reason its thought that something cheap means poor quality, that’s not the case at all with RPX. You can get a wide range of stethoscope types and colors, like Sprague with its zinc chrome head , Classic Professional, dual head, single head, cardiology with its nickel plated head, and pediatric.

It’s impossible to imagine a doctor, nurse or EMT without a good thermometer. The latest in thermometer technology is available to you. You can get the classic digital thermometer, a must for medical personnel and parent alike. Do you need a digital for those hard to reach places? Try the flexible tip style. Made especially for the smaller children, you can have the pacifier thermometer, great for times when the tipped style won’t be safe. If taking the temperature in the mouth isn’t possible, you can try the infrared ear thermometer, made to be just as accurate as the classic type.

Have you tried and tried to find a well made but cheap blood pressure monitor? Look no further. Here you have best in quality like the classic aneroid sphygmomanometer in Black, Grey, and Navy Blue, or the Pediatric version with comic character print. You can get a combo set as well with both the blood pressure monitor and matching stethoscope.

Having trouble finding the small everyday things like scissors or reflex hammers? Customers can get many types of both here like the Buck Neurological hammer, the Taylor Percussion hammer, and the Babinsky Telescoping Reflex hammer or a good pair of bandage scissors or EMT shears.

There are those instruments most people don’t really give thought too until they are needed, like an otoscopes, or even a simple accessory like a pen light, both of which you can get here.

No office or bathroom should be without a good scale; available through us to you are the classic medical bathroom scale, the futuristic looking digital bathroom scale, and Detecto Eye Level Physician scale.

Just like many brands of clothes out there, were you are just paying for the name and getting the same quality, so it is with medical equipment. So before you buy that expensive name brand, try RPX medical and be surprised at the incredibly well made products at a low price.

RPX offers high quality medical equipment products at affordable prices. RPX medical equipment offers you an excellent value for your money. These products are first quality and offers long lasting durability, so give them a try.

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